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Our Story

It all started back in 1965 with 29 acres of apple and peach trees.  As time went on the apple business began to grow and we separated the crop with peach trees moved to a new location in the orchard.  Then in 1974 our orchard replaced the existing apple trees with dwarf trees.  We had been a “Pick Your Own” style orchard for twenty three years until 1988.  As the customer base grew we installed a cooler and selling fresh produce out of the garage in 1995. 


Five years later in 2000 we diversified our offering by adding tomatoes, flowers, and other farm fresh vegetables for the table.  Six years later we invested in a new larger building to sell our crops out of, with a new produce cooler to help store product and maintain freshness.  Our family also has been on the “Kent Harvest Trail” since 2002 opening our doors to families like yours to visit.

Come in and see what we are doing - to date we have.


    45 acres of apple trees

      3 acres of peach trees

      ½ acre of blue berry bushes

      ½ acre of cherry trees


Our family orchard is worked by the Blok Family (Bastian, Anna, and Alvin).  We work hard with the community to supply great produce at a high quality, and of course always reasonable prices.  We love seeing our old and new customers and look forward to serving you.

As our orchard continues to grow every year, more delicious options of produce are available.  “Don’t you think it’s a good time to come visit us?”

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